Therapeutic Herbal Teas

THE MEDICINE WOMAN organic herbal teas can be enjoyed for their flavour as well as their therapeutic benefits.

Directions:  1-2 heaped teaspoons per cup of water, infused with a lid for 10-15 minutes.  For therapeutic benefits, 1-3 cups daily.

Taste experience:  Most commercial teas have added flavours to ensure each cup has a uniform taste.  However, nature ebbs and flows, never able to be tied down.  For this reason enjoy any subtle changes between your cups of THE MEDICINE WOMAN tea as the ratio of the herbs you measure out changes.   

Smell the roses:  Our world is in so much of a hurry and this factor alone contributes to the widespread health and wellbeing issues facing society today.  Smell the roses while your tea brews!  10-15 minutes in the tea pot increases your therapeutic experience in more ways than one.  (;     

Infusion Method: a tea pot or coffee plunger is most ideal for these teas as the lid helps to retain the therapeutic oils of the herbs.  

Vitamin C Plus   General stress, energy levels, adrenal support, immune boosting
Magnesium Support  
Sleep, energy, cramps, insomnia, nervous digestion or tension, irritable bowel  
Iron Plus   Anaemia, energy levels, wakefulness especially between 3-5am, immune boosting, wound healing
Moon Support   Menstrual balance, symptoms of irritability, anxiety, cravings, heavy or painful periods
Pregnancy Support   Nourishment for growing mother and baby, a tonic, relaxant and digestive support for pregnancy, breastfeeding to enrich milk
Wise Woman   Peri-menopause and menopause and it's symptoms of flushes, sweats, irritability, anxiety, fatigue
Detox   Liver, kidney, lungs, bowl and lymphatics, chronic skin conditions, digestion, weight loss, general vitality and wellbeing
Lift   Low mood, depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), general stress
Nourish   Immune building, convalescence, poor diet, malabsorption, mental grit, energy vitality and wellbeing 

THE MEDICINE WOMAN organic tea's happily mingle with one another if you choose to have several on the go.