The Medicine Woman

Wise Woman Organic Herbal Tea

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An organic loose-leaf tea made up of:
Withania root          Withania somnifera
Alfalfa leaf               Medicago sativa      
Sage leaf                Salvia officinalis
Black cohosh root  Cimicifuga racemosa
St John's wort        Hypericum perforatum
Peppermint leaf      Mentha piperita

This tea blend supports peri-menopausal and menopausal women to establish a new hormonal balance going forward including the stability of the adrenal glands.  It has become very clear to me over the years that women heading into menopause already feeling depleted, suffer from more menopausal symptoms and with greater intensity.  I've included st john's wort, alfalfa and withania in the blend for this reason as they are restorative herbs.  Sage is very useful for hot sweats and along with black cohosh, these two herbs contribute plant based estrogens.  THE MEDICINE WOMAN Wise Woman tea blend has the potential to balance many symptoms including hot flushes, sweating, irritability, broken sleep and fatigue.     

In traditional cultures around the world the 'crone' or wise woman stage of life is embraced for the new levels of wisdom, creativity and empowerment that it can be.  It is a time of releasing from the life all that which no longer serves, in order to walk forward with greater lightness!  I love the term coined by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, who refers to menopause as regenopause.  This term beautifully encapsulates the regeneration that is designed to occur at this stage of life.

The flavour of this tea is an enjoyable combination of sage and peppermint which complement each other well being of the same plant family. 

Caffeine free.  Nothing added - just herbs.

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