Our Story

Profile photo of Cat, Medicine WomanHi, thanks for stopping by!  My name is Cat and I am the face and inspiration behind THE MEDICINE WOMAN Herbal & Essences Dispensary.  

Recently we entered the Aquarius Age.   Foretold as a time of chaos and great change, it is an age where humanity is required to return to a broader more accurate understanding of life.  As a visionary and advocate for this higher version of life, whether it is possible for us to return to a more holistic reality is not even a question.  I know it is so.  

I have been working in clinic for over 16 years now.  It has been a wonderful period of my life and a pleasure and privilege to share the journey of others.  No matter what your current situation or health condition you find yourself experiencing, whether you simply feel a bit lost, or if you wish to turn up the heat and live your purpose, we are never given a challenge or inspiration that we are unable to rise to in one way or another. 

As a child I was always drawn to nature and loved spending time up the giant willow tree at the bottom of my grandparents garden, and helping my grandmother in her glasshouse.  In my twenties I largely forgot my relationship with nature, conforming to a contemporary career as a town planner in local government.  Although I was successful at it, it wasn't where my heart was and the consequential low energy eventually took me to the clinic of a naturopath.  It was shortly after this introduction to naturopathy that I literally woke up one morning remembering what I was here to do.  That was in 1999.  

Over the years I have had many extraordinary teaching and healing experiences with the plant kingdom.  One of the most personal was when my dog Charlie developed an acute blood infection triggered by wet eczema.  Pharmaceutical drugs were not working and in a moment of inspiration (preceded by desperation!) I turned to a common ‘weed’ in our garden, Plantago lanceolata (ribwort).  I put it through the juicer and then applied the green liquid directly to my dog's infected skin.  He looked pretty funny covered in green but it was immediately obvious he found comfort in the healing properties of the plant and his recovery was rapid.  With ribwort now revered in our household for first aid issues, Charlie has not looked back and neither have I.   

THE MEDICINE WOMAN is very much a co-creation between myself and mother nature whom I continue to expand my relationship with.  I am deeply convinced of the increasing need for her wise medicines and when taken astutely and with respect, mountains truly can move.

Formal Qualifications:
Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Native Plant Essences of New Zealand.
Certificates of:  Healers Studies, EMF Balancing Technique®, Shamanic Studies, Holistic Iridology, Sclerology.  
Registered Natural Medicines Practitioner, NHPNZ