A Little About Me

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My life has been an interesting one as I was born clairsentient meaning I was very aware of the subtle energies around me.  This clairsentience has been both a challenge and blessing in my life – in my early days it made me highly impressionable and in my adult years it has been an invaluable source of information that I have used to navigate the truth of my own life and to help others navigate the truth of theirs.

Life truly is designed as an evolutionary and rewarding journey.  All of our life experiences have the capacity to propel us forward into an increasingly meaningful existence.  There are moments in our life when something quite significant is trying to occur, and then there are the many moments in mundane life which present a different kind of opportunity. 

I have undergone many reinventions throughout my life that have required self-awareness, decision making, self-commitment and an overriding faith in the journey.  I was a town planner for many years, a career I choose because a guidance counsellor at school had suggested it would tap into my passion for people, the land and the relationship between the two.  It was an invaluable time in my life but about ten years in I felt like the power source had been pulled from my life.  The low energy I was experiencing eventually had me see a local naturopath who was to be a catalyst for change.  Shortly into my naturopathic programme I literally woke up one morning and knew that I was to move into the healing profession.  This was a pivotal moment in my life as it required a deep commitment to my own journey as the reality was that my family was alarmed and not supportive of my change from a secure profession in their eyes to the career of a reflexologist, massage therapist and eventually a naturopath.  I knew deep inside however that I didn’t have an option but to make the career change.  I had been perfecting my rational mind, decision making and analytical skills during my time as a town planner and it was time to develop the skills that I needed to access through my heart.  My status quo was no longer in my best interests and I was determined to stay ‘on track’. 

As I moved increasingly into the healing realm my spiritual gifts began to come in consciously for me.  As part of the initiations in the early days of this period I had an extraordinary four day camping experience with a shamanness who lead a group of us to a remote area of virgin manuka forest.  We had white-water rafted to the spot and before we were to go our separate ways to set up our private camp sites, the shamanness conducted an opening ceremony which in hindsight changed everything for me.  It was a still day, there was not a breathe of wind and as she let out an ancient-sounding call a strong gust suddenly blew in through the trees and settled down over us as quickly as it had begun.  I didn’t understand it at the time but I now know through my own shamanic training that the air elementals who are the keepers of the mental realm, had been called in and had arrived. 

My healing career which began with care of the physical body has expanded into the spiritual realm as well.  Healing of the mind, emotions and spirit is profoundly important in order for us to access our creativity and heart wisdom and to assist the true healing of physical ailments.  Many people have lost connection with the the heart of their soul and it is only in reconnecting with this authentic aspect of self that we come back into true relationship with who we really are, with other people and with the land and its creatures.  We are all in this moment together.  

Qualifications and Involvements:
Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Native Plant Essences of New Zealand.
Certificates of Healers Studies; EMF Balancing Technique®; Shamanic Studies; Advanced Shamanic Studies; Holistic Iridology; Sclerology.  
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner
Registered Natural Medicines Practitioner, NHPNZ
President of VENZ,Vibrational Essences New Zealand (non profit society representing the modality of flower essences)
Mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters