Our supportive green allies ...

We are multi-layered beings and Mother Nature supports us with orders of healing plants that specialise in each layer.  With over 300 stock bottles in THE MEDICINE WOMAN holistic dispensary, it supports just about every aspiration under the sun.

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®
Natural vibrational preparations that are specially prepared using native flowers and plants, sunlight and pure water.  Consciousness shifters, these essences focus on the 'subtle bodies' of our mind, emotions and spirit. 

There are 144 flower and plant essences in the First Light® range and according to ancient traditions there are 144 capacities or qualities within the ultimate human spirit makeup that enable us to live an empowered life.  These qualities include for example that of initiative, enthusiasm and confidence and each quality is set apart due to a unique energetic frequency.  Like tuning to the wavelength of a particular radio station, taking the plant essence that holds the particular quality we seek enhances our ability to attune to it so that initiative, enthusiasm or confidence flows through us for a more productive outcome in our life.  

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have access to these leading edge essences due to the total dedication of modern day plant essence pioneers Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Anthony Wyber.  These essences create the x-factor in holistic healing and given that most physical discomfort or disease stems from a blockage at our more subtle level, they are always dispensed for those wanting to address the higher cause of their symptoms.  A gentle, authentic modality for all.    

The Herbal Extracts
An extensive range of western, eastern and native herbs with an alcohol base creating medical strength therapeutic support for the physical body.  Herbal extracts cannot be brought off the shelf but must be dispensed by suitably qualified herbalists.  They have a relatively strong taste and so stimulate the palate for extra therapeutic power that is absent in herbal pills. They can be taken as professionally prescribed by those on pharmaceutical medications. 

The Homeobotanicals
The vibrational version of therapeutic herbs.  Administered by drops into water, homeobotanicals are an extremely sustainable way to achieve the benefits of medicinal herbs.  They are suitable for everybody and are the go-to for babies and children due to their very mild taste.  Apple cider vinegar is the preservative.  Perfect in cases of sobriety.    

The Dried Herbs 
Dried herbs offer a different angle of therapeutic support to the other herbal preparations.  They are infused in water for 10-15 minutes or where appropriate are made as a decoction by simmering for a given amount of time.  Able to be incorporated as part of everyday life in the form of ‘enjoying a cup of tea’, they are an authentic way to strengthen different parts of the body and are an effective way to help stay hydrated.  THE MEDICINE WOMAN range of therapeutic herbal teas have been created with simplicity in mind, as simplicity is synonymous with healing.  

Fusion Remedies  
A fusion blend of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and the homeobotanicals to work across the spectrum of the physical body, mind and emotions.