Plant Medicine Solutions

One of the most effective ways to enhance health is through nature's pharmacy.  While plant medicine has been utilised since the beginning of time, now that we live in a particularly complex world our need for this nurturing support has reached a whole new level.  

The Medicine Woman dispensary stocks a wide range and different preparations of healing plants and herbs to support true holistic health.  We specialise in creating  personalised remedies to achieve healing precision.  

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® flower essences
Flower essence remedies are literally nature energy in a bottle.  They gently and intelligently elevate and balance the mind, emotions and spirit.  Likened to a tuning fork, each of the 185 First Light® essences tune us to a specific energy or quality.   

The First Light® range of essences provide an x-factor to holistic wellbeing and are the cornerstone of The Medicine Woman Dispensary.  Science credits stress for more than 80% of illness or disease and therefore moving into a higher way of thinking and feeling is essential if we want to move out of the dis-ease paradigm.   A gentle, authentic modality for all.    

Herbal Extracts
An extensive range of western, eastern and native herbs with an alcohol base.  These preparations provide medical strength support for the physical body.  Taken as mls in a little water, these liquid herbs stimulate the palate for extra therapeutic effect that is absent in herbal pills.  When professionally prescribed, many can be taken by those on pharmaceutical medications. 

Vibrational herbal preparations that are similar to homeopathics.  This range of western, eastern and native herbs support the physical body and health.  Administered by drops directly into the mouth or some water.  They are suitable for everybody and are the natural go-to for babies and children due to their very mild taste.