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The Medicine Woman

One Hour Appointment

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One hour appointment 
A comprehensive appointment tailored to your individual needs.  Includes dietary advice, understanding your symptoms and preventative strategies.  In person appointments include the assessment techniques of iridology and sclerology.  

I have full respect for the wisdom and healing processes of the body as well as the mind and spirit.   The approach and remedies I suggest will support innate rebalancing processes.  I prefer to keep things simple - several remedies chosen with care is often more effective than a multitude of remedies 'just in case'.  

Please bring with you the names of pharmaceutical medications and/or health supplements you take.  

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, 24 hours notice is appreciated. 

What others are saying …

"Dear Cat, I just wanted to express a warm thank you for your positive and healing energy today!  I felt a shift in my life after our encounter today and for that I will be forever grateful.  Thank you for all the hard work and selfless energy you invest into healing others, we really appreciate your existence and the part you play in this world."
Delena Perkovic

“Cat is one of those unforgettable people that come into your life.  I would not be writing this today with an abundance of love, gratitude, passion, vitality and fulfilment for life if it were not for the impact her sessions have had on mine and my families lives.  She is a gifted healer, a teacher, a visionary with phenomenal intuitive abilities - and an incredible woman who I am blessed to know.  I hold so much gratitude for her and her skills”
Lorella Doherty

"I had the pleasure to work with Cat while I was living in New Plymouth in 2016.  Through the personal conversations Cat would know exactly which herbal remedies would help me release what I needed to let go and what I needed to add to my body and soul to be healthier and stronger.  I truly loved working with her."
Nilofar Afshar

"Whilst I can't say how I landed on Cat's doorstep a few years ago, a few things are certain, Cat is very gifted in her work, her intuitive approach is so on-point and knowledge in her areas of expertise is incomparable, providing a wonderful recipe for my positive transformation over the years, and the work is not over yet.  I highly recommend Cat to anyone who is needing an extra hand along the way."
Kirstin Gardiner

“Since arriving in New Zealand at the age of 7 months, until reaching 3 years of age, my son suffered from terrible, long lasting chest infections.  Every time he caught a cold his breathing would deteriorate into a severe asthma attack, resulting in several hospital visits where he would be put onto a nebulizer.  

I took my son for a consultation with Cat, during which it was decided to work on building his immune system, and basically strengthening from the inside out using a combination of homeobotanical remedies and diet changes.  Within just a few months Jack showed a marked improvement.  He was able to run around for extended periods without shortness of breath, his sleep breathing slowed to a normal rate, and most impressively he made it through the next winter without a single asthma attack or even getting a cough."
Catherine, Mother of Two

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