The Medicine Woman

Moon Support Organic Herbal Tea, 50gm

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Raspberry leaf       Rubus idaeus
Motherwort herb    Leonurus cardiaca
Licorice root          Glycyrrhiza glabra
Oat straw              Avena sativa
Ginger root            Zingiber officinale

THE MEDICINE WOMAN Moon Support tea blend offers a balancing act for menstruating women with the potential to support symptoms of pain, sugar cravings, anxiety and irritability.   Red raspberry can moderate a heavy flow and oat straw helps relaxation and restores frayed nerves.  The common names of medicinal herbs often indicate their intrinsic nature – Motherwort has an affinity for mothers to be cool, calm and collected, and for anyone with a tendency to be a worry-wort!  

The name of this tea is an affectionate play on the word menstruation which is derived from the latin word for moon, which in turn means month.  The monthly cycle is an evolutionary feature to enable women to explore the myriad levels of the self.  The feminine is more complex than the masculine for good reason and women can tap into this complexity for personal expansion and not contraction.  It’s all about awareness and as we move increasingly into the Aquarius Age the clarity of the feminine principle will increasingly establish in the world.  The feminine principle has an inclusive nature and so is not limited to the female gender, but to males as well.  It assists all of us to increasingly get out of our heads and into our hearts where higher wisdom resides. 

*** Helpful.  The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® can be used as a gentle and effective means to balance emotional energy of the moon cycle.  The emotions that ‘rise’ at certain times of the cycle are real emotions that are otherwise suppressed or managed during the other phases of the month.  These emotions can contribute to the intensity of physical symptoms associated with menstruation due to the interconnected nature of our 'layers'.  The emotional roller coaster endured by so many women is not part of our natural design.   See 'Request A Remedy'.

A gently sweet tasting tea with a hint of warmth from the ginger.  
Caffeine free.  No added flavours.

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