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Iron Plus Organic Herbal Tea

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An organic loose-leaf tea made up of:
Dandelion leaf      Taraxacum officinale
Alfalfa leaf            Medicago sativa
Nettle leaf            Urtica dioica
Licorice root        Glycyrrhiza glabra
Ginger root          Zingiber officinale

An alternative to iron tablets and without the potential for constipation, the herbal iron stars of this blend are dandelion, nettle and alfalfa leaf, all respected for high levels of this oxygen carrying mineral as well as many other important nutrients including iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.  Within the wisdom of mother nature iron rich plants come with built-in vitamin C.  Ginger and licorice root contribute vitamin B's among other nutrients. 

THE MEDICINE WOMAN Iron Plus tea blend may be supportive for those prone to anaemia, malabsorption issues, wakefulness between 1-3am ('liver time') and 3-5am (‘lung time’), low energy levels, as an immune booster and to aid skin healing.  Increasing iron levels at the onset of ailments such as coughs and colds can nip them in the bud or reduce the severity.  It's important to breathe in association with low iron tendencies - so that there are good quantities of oxygen to partner with the iron.  

Nutritionally wise, this is the herbal tea equivalent to green protein shakes.  It has a pleasant green flavour with the more-ish sweetness of ginger and licorice roots.                

Caffeine free.  Nothing added - just the herbs. 

Note:  The 'Nourish' tea blend is also high in herbal iron.