The Medicine Woman

Nourish Organic Herbal Tea

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An organic loose-leaf tea made up of:
Nettle leaf      Urtica dioica
Oat straw       Avena sativa  
Horsetail        Equisetum arvense
Ginger root    Zingiber officinale

Systems and organs in the body can run out of steam through lack of nutrients alone.  In this extraordinary modern time there is more pressure on all aspects of our makeup than at any time in history.  We are living beyond our biology’s design and this is part of the reason for the unprecedented levels of physical, mental and emotional unwellness which has led to a new ‘norm’ – where getting repetitive headaches, colds, aches and pains, UTI’s, coughs that linger longer each year etc is commonly accepted as just the way of things.  It is not the truth of the matter however, and we need not accept this limiting reality! 

This blend packs a punch in terms of providing nourishment to the cells of the body.  Iron, magnesium, silica, calcium, potassium ... Whether that cell is within your liver, your brain or your big toe, when a cell is fed well it runs more efficiently with greater energy to eliminate day to day cellular waste.  One of the great things about herbal teas is that they are a means for hydration unlike black tea and especially coffee which are dehydrating to the body.  A cell that is fluid filled with its quotient of nutrients is a healthier cell.  Under-nourished cells are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

THE MEDICINE WOMAN Nourish tea blend supports resilience and stamina throughout the year especially for busy people, athletes and to help elevate a poor diet or inhibited digestion.  

A hearty taste with a zing of ginger and lemon.     
Caffeine free.  Nothing added - just herbs.