The Medicine Woman

Lift Organic Herbal Tea

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An organic loose-leaf tea made up of:
St John’s Wort               Hypericum perforatum
Lemon balm leaf            Melissa officinalis
Lime leaf and flower      Tilia spp.
Green oats                     Avena sativa
Licorice root                  Glycyrrhiza glabra
Rosemary                      Rosmarinus officinalis

THE MEDICINE WOMAN Lift herbal tea blend has been created as an aid to support emotional and mental wellbeing and is a herbal tea go-to for anxiety and depression.  Our relationship with the past and the future can play a major role in the manifestation of depression or anxiety respectively.  Processed foods with their additives, and caffeine, can also contribute.  The picture can be multi-layered and as such it can be important to approach anxiety and depression holistically. 

The further removed we become from nature, the more we lose our connection to our innate nature of peace, creativity and wisdom.   Spending time in the outdoors, eating foods that are grown in the earth, acting on our innate instincts as we navigate our choices in life, can all assist recovery from depression or anxiety and can stop us from going there in the first place.  Although anxiety and depression tend to be considered a normal consequence of modern life, it is not in our natural design and I am committed to helping people move beyond it.  

Nature’s medicinal plants are a wonderful ally to assist positive health and wellbeing.  This tea may be supportive for those transitioning off anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication in consultation with your professional health practitioner.  Lemon balm has calming potentials and the  settling of over-excitability.  St John's Wort is well respected as a supportive for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is widely used to support anxiety and depression, has anti-viral properties to support colds and the herpes complex and it’s action on nerve endings makes it indicated for the likes of shingles and sciatica.  Green oats is high in magnesium and helps restore 'grit' to the central nervous system. Lime blossom is balancing to the nerves and provides a lovely citrus flavour.  Rosemary is a well known herb for it's mood enhancing chemicals and licorice root helps to strengthen and settle the ‘flight, fight and fright’ dynamic of the adrenal glands.  

***  If you have anxiety, depression or can feel yourself heading that way, you may like to Book An Appointment so that I can more fully support you to achieve your goals.   A First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® is also highly recommended.    

Not suitable as a regular tea for those on SSRI medications or with high blood pressure.  Suitable for those transitioning off SSRI medications.   

A gentle tasting tea with citrus notes.  
Caffeine free.  Nothing added - just herbs.   
Not suitable for those with celiacs.