Riding the Zodiacal Highway - A 12 Month Journey of Discovery and Transformation
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Riding the Zodiacal Highway - A 12 Month Journey of Discovery and Transformation

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Departing 20th March, 2020

Riding the Zodiacal Highway is a 12 month experiential journey of discovery and transformation that taps into the power of the sun as it moves through the signs of the zodiac. Whether conscious of it or not we are all affected by the sun’s yearly orbit around the zodiacal circuit and when we travel it consciously we harness its personal growth and health potentials in a direct and empowering way. 

The energy of each zodiacal sign has a very specific ‘story’ - a particular area of health that it rules, attitudes, capacities and behaviours that it fosters and area of life that it governs.  The nature of the cycle which progresses through the signs in a natural healing order is a growth platform for the personality and soul, an opportunity to become 'more than previously' as a result of the completion of each annual cycle.  We have all of the zodiacal frequencies within our makeup, but some are more developed and in-tune than others.  While our personal sun sign is central to our life, to be a well balanced person able to meet the complexities of the modern day we need a relationship with each of the other eleven signs and their qualities as well.  With each sign’s vibrations being so unique, our life is enriched when we acknowledge and work with our whole in this way. 

During the course of the highway your journey is supported on a daily basis by the leading-edge First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.  These sacred flower and plant vibrations from Aotearoa, the land of the ever shining light, have a direct correlation and connection to the zodiac and each month you will be taking a personalised blend of essences relevant to the sign we are in.  These flower and plant vibrations will assist you to connect more easily to each sign’s vibration (like tuning to a radio station) in order to hear and align with the sign's unique story, skillset and potentials.  The plant essences come in a 25ml bottle, are easily carried if travelling and are taken as 3-4 drops directly onto the tongue 3 times a day.  They are non-allergenic and can be taken safely by those on medication.  

Living with a sense of empowerment and freedom is about creating choices in life.  The Riding the Zodiacal Highway course will expand your choices, enhancing your ability to feel, think and do in a higher and less stressful way. 

The course includes:

- a private facebook page where information is posted at the beginning of each zodiacal month to assist your focus on the month's potentials including the attitude and drives, health focus and the area of life ruled by the sign.    

-  A zodiac-specific blend of First Light® flower essences each month.   Each blend includes your personal 'key-note' flower essence (your life's most important vibration, determined by your birthdate) 

- A beautiful 28 paged First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® coloured pamphlet.

-  A focus for each zodiacal month summarised as follows:
Aries (20th March)    self identity, self awareness
Taurus (20th April)    self worth, money, physical security and comfort
Gemini (21st May)    communication, the mind
Cancer (21st June)    home, family, the past
Leo (22nd July)    creativity, recreation, children
Virgo (23rd August)    nutrition, health, everyday matters
Libra (23rd September)    relationships, partnerships
Scorpio (23rd October)    power, sexuality, shared resources
Sagittarius (22nd November)    philosophy, beliefs, travel
Capricorn (21st December)    profession, personal authority
Aquarius (20th January 2020)    individuality, hopes and wishes
Pisces (19th February)    spirituality, service, the unconscious

Riding the Zodiacal Highway provides an informative, affordable and fun way to lean into this universal cycle in order to harness its uplifting energy more clearly.  The programme can be undertaken as a primary personal focus for the year, or as a complement to other therapeutic or holistic practices. 

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As a healer and medicine woman I am deeply driven to share my love and knowledge of the zodiac for its out-workings truly have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing.     

Note:  Enrolments for this year's journey must be received before the 17th March.  Please allow appropriate postage time to receive your initial RTZH parcel.  The zodiacal remedies are sent out every two months.  The private facebook page will be open with preparatory information two weeks prior to the 20th March departure date.