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The Medicine Woman

The 12 Month Odyssey

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12 x one hour appointments over a year.    
In person or via Skpe

This is a new initiative and has extra muscle from a self discovery point of view.  When we outwardly commit to work with the transformative cycle of twelve months from day one, extra 'strings' get pulled to synchronise fortuitous events for and during the passage ahead.  

Twelve has an ancient and magical rhythm to catalyse new heights at both at the physical level and at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Your prime focus as you enter this process may be a physical health issue, an inner yearning for something more in your life, or resolution to an old story that no longer serves.  Each session will move according to the wairua and may include coaching, inspired understandings and various energy balancing techniques to assist you to achieve your intentions and aspirations.  A monthly First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® remedy is inherent to the process.   

This is an educational process as much as a healing one.  Understanding the rules of the game - how to consistently participate in the game of life from an empowered point of view - authentically transforms not only your own potentials but that of those around you.  I am committed to sharing my higher understandings of life in order to help you return to ' the path of heart' where true fulfilment and wellbeing is accessed.  

Appointments are scheduled monthly.  $115 x 12 months paid in full and includes a First Light® remedy each month.  Appointments can be scheduled for the year ahead and changed if required, or scheduled monthly.  

A herbal remedy to support the physical self each month is recommended, such as a herbal extract blend, homeobotanicals or a therapeutic herbal tea.   

Appointments start and finish on time and include the 5-10 minutes to dispense your remedies.

I will contact you once I receive your order to schedule your initial and any successive appointments you choose at that time.  

Clinic Hours:
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays  9am - 5pm 

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