Vitality, clarity & purpose

Are you an individual wanting a more meaningful life? Are you wanting to change gears and feel more connected? Are you a boss, team leader or business owner wanting to have more impact and less stress?  Is your soul whispering that it wants more time in your life?  

It is easy to get lost or knocked around by this fast paced complex world and it is essential to develop our capacity for holistic resilence so that we are able to stay on track.  Our best plan to achieving this is to keep growing our self-awareness, anchor into our strengths and let go of out-dated beliefs, attitudes, conditionings, blocks and behaviours that get in our way.  Our challenge and opportunity at this important time in history is to learn how to walk lightly amongst the heavy stuff and to achieve this we require an inner shift that is essentially holistic or spiritual in nature.  

Soul Mentorship is a one-to-one mentoring and the most valuable service I offer.  When we have consistent access to our soul frequency or perspective, everything changes for the better.  Our soul self is the creative, calm aspect within our makeup that is personally objective, self-directing and wanting to make a positive contribution within the world.  The soul is often referred to as the true self.  

Imagine a beautiful seedling on the inspirational journey of growth towards the sun.  The more this seedling reaches for the sun, the more developed, complex and beautiful is its form as it eventually grows into a mature tree with the flowers and fruit this brings.  Our soul can be likened to the seedling.  It is about creativity, growth and skill-acquisition, wanting to extract as much food as it can from life's challenges and opportunities as part of remembering itself.  The soul's single focus is to return to wholeness, represented by the Sun.  It is an upward journey that brings many rewards including carving out a niche for the expression of its unique gifts and service.  The soul exists at a higher frequency than the personal ego and as such lives beyond the frequency of stress.  For this reason, as we grow the soul quotient within us - which is our consciousness - the grip of the ego and therefore our stress levels naturally fall.  

I bring to the table twenty years as a medicine woman and transformational mentor.  My objectivity, psychic senses and intuition are highly developed which is necessary for me to effectively support the soul journey of another.  Being able to see beyond surface appearances of situations and people and learning how to productively direct energy including ones emotional and mental energy are skills the soul must learn.  Soul transformation has been a major focus of my own life and I therefore bring empathy and a great deal of personal experience to assist clients to develop the soul quotient within themselves too. 

There are authentic times in life when the soul is primed for expansion and these are particularly useful times to lean into.  Times of significant stress or change such as divorce or a rocky patch in a relationship, a new relationship, career confusion, a significant health issue and menopause are all such moments.  Equally I work with clients who simply feel that it is time to move up a gear, they want to connect with themselves in new way, or they want more clarity on their life purpose.  

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® ~
I cannot speak highly enough of these Aquarian Age flower essences from Aotearoa New Zealand.  These very special flower and plant vibrations are taken daily during the mentorship to help you achieve a sustained shift in how you think and feel.  Many of my clients refer to their bottle of essences as their magic drops.  

The Natal Chart ~
Thank goodness we were born with a map!  Sophisticated astrology software is used to draw a map of the sky at the time of your birth.  The energies active in the solar system as you arrived on Earth work like a passport, stamping upon you to create your unique blueprint and foundation.  Many layers of information are contained within the natal chart and in the Soul Mentorship it is used to heighten your self-awareness and capacity to heal, successfully nagivate your life and achieve your purpose.  The chart IS US on paper and therefore brings a great deal of objectivity and clarity.  

Conscious individuals are very much needed in the world right now as we need to bring the states of presence and heart to daily life and to the issues and challenges we have around us. The soul mentorship is for teenagers and adults wanting to experience more joy or freedom in life or bring their skills and talents into the world in a clear and enduring way.  

Testimonial: Anna from Wanganui has this to say about her recent experience -
"I have been seeing Cat on and off for the past few years now, she's my go-to lady when life throws it's curve balls!  I decided to do the Soul Mentorship to essentially understand that part of myself on a deeper level and it exceeded my expectations.  I feel as though I have grown so much over the past 6 months and will take what I have learnt with me for the rest of my life."

The mentorship sessions are via phone, video call or zoom and the structure is as follows:

~ The choice to work together for three, six or nine months to tap into the cumulative power of time;

~ conscious conversation, coaching and reframing of beliefs, attitudes and events to help you shift, change and transform your inner world in order to change your outer world;

~ guidance and information from your natal chart to help increase your self-awareness and achieve your goals;

~ practical and powerful energy psychology techniques to move the energy so that you are more conscious, connected and on track;

~ how to correctly interpret the signs of life;

~ a personalised First Light® flower essences remedy each month to support the rise of your soul energy and clarity:

~ if a physical health issue is part of your goal, the incorporation of naturopathic assessment and guidance.  (herbal medicines are paid for separately)

~ a reflection card each month to guide you;

~ remedies couriered to your door;

There is the choice to work together for 3, 6 or 9 months.  Each time frame runs like a sacred circle with an initiating month and a completion month.  The 3 month journey is great for a tune-up or for those who have not done anything like this before.  If you are wanting deeper transformation or you are intuitively drawn to their respective images, the 6 or 9 month journey will be perfect.   

During the mentorship I work as a soul guide, confidante and cheerleader to help you achieve whatever your goal. If you feel that the time is right, I would love to assist you!

Testimonial: Nicola from Taranaki has this to say:
"I found my 6-month soul pathway work with Cat so beneficial. I began with Cat as a very dulled down version of myself with which I was deeply unhappy about. We started our time together during big changes in our country with the presence of covid and I can honestly say that if I hadn’t leapt at the opportunity to work with Cat that the stress would have undermined my health. My sessions with her have helped me process many of my programmed thought patterns, to bring them out into the light and take a good hard look at them and make some necessary changes. Cat is very good at getting to the heart of the matter during the sessions and I usually came away each month knowing what I needed to be doing next and I liked that aspect of the Soul Pathway journey.

I found the light essences very supportive as I moved through what at times were very confronting realisations. They just seemed to give me that nudge to keep on track in the subtle way that they have. I also really loved reading the card of the month and how they helped my progress. They were always so on point and really resonated with what was happening at the time.

The work that you do can sometimes be subtle and what I found was that my intuition got a tune up at the same time as I was sifting through my ‘stuff’ which was great. As I moved through my life the people I needed to meet, the books I needed to read, the songs I needed to hear, and actions I needed to take just arrived and I had that inner knowing to just take the leap and trust. I have made some massive changes to the way I exercise, what I am eating and my self-care routine alongside changing how I speak to myself and the way I process life. This work with Cat has given me back some confidence that I was lacking at the start.

I have come back to me, and I trust myself and my inner knowing again. My light is back brighter than ever, and people close to me have noticed the positive changes. It feels good to be back!"

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