Book An Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled here or via phone/email and are available Tuesdays and Saturdays 9am - 3pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am - 5pm

One Hour appointments

For new adult clients booking a first appointment
For existing clients preferring this time frame
Half hour appointment   
Generally adequate as a first time appointment for children under 12 years, unless parents/caregivers prefer the one hour appointment support. 
For follow-up appointments for adults and children.  

Local appointments - Rampage Fitness, 163-167 Gill Street, New Plymouth
Remote appointments - skype, phone or email  (please advise us at the time of booking if it is a remote appointment)

All appointments are with Cat Neale Naturopath.  The nature of each appointment is based on each person's needs and choices within the allocated time and may include:
- dietary and lifestyle advice, pro-active strategies
- energy balancing/healings
- understanding the higher laws of life to turn challenges into empowering and healing experiences
- iridology and sclerology (reading the patterns in the eye)
- medical and life pattern astrology profile