Driven by a Vision of a Better Life for All

Ever since a child I was aware that the world was not rolling out as it had the potential to. I could feel the subtle and not so subtle disharmony around me and this knocked me around a fair bit.  Knowing things were not right eventually translated into an adult journey of personal discovery and transformation in order to learn how to operate above the stress frequency and plug into the bigger picture of things. I knew I had a role to play in helping people find their feet and I knew that I required many inner and outer resources to truly be able to assist others and the world that I loved. 

I have always been very drawn to nature and would go so far as to say it has been a life-line.  There is a power that resides in the land and plant kingdom that is deeply healing and connecting the healing power of nature with the healing capacities of myself and others always made sense to me.  As a society we have disconnected from the land at great cost and our greatest opportunity now comes from restoring the connection.    

To begin with I combined my love of people and the land by studying a Bachelor of Regional Planning at Massey University.  I worked in local authority for a number of years and enjoyed being a planner until suddenly I didn't.  This change of heart was preceded by a significant drop in my energy levels.  I hadn't grown up around natural medicine and so on my neighbours suggestion I went to see a local naturopath instead of my doctor.  I had several profound experiences while in the company of the naturopath which resulted in my literally waking up one morning knowing I was to change careers.  My official journey into the art and science of naturopathy and personal transformation had begun!  

Over the years many a client has heard me say that we are not designed to be a chronically stressed-out species or to feel disconnected from the world around us.  To the contrary we are growth orientated beings, designed instinctively to reach for higher rungs on the evolutionary ladder.  We are ultimately heart-wired to have both a healthy relationship with our self as well as a genuine care and concern for our global family and this stunning planet we call home.  Although the modern day has a variety of subtle and not so subtle factors that can make it difficult to live this true blueprint - once you remember this version of things, it becomes a one-way focus.

It is my understanding that as individuals we have the capacity to really wake up to a significantly higher level of health and wellbeing now and for this to radiate to the rest of the world. Healthy, balanced individuals create healthy, balanced systems, structures and communities ... and so changing the world begins with changing ourselves.  We each have the option to return to who we truly are at our core and it is during the Age of Aquarius that our ability to achieve this can occur expotentially.  This is an exciting prospect because it is at this point that suffering ends and the real fun begins. 

Tihei mauri ora!

Professional Member, Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand
Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Native Plant Essences of New Zealand
Certificates of Healers, Shamanic and Advanced Shamanic Studies
Bachelor of Regional Planning, Honours

Current community Involvements:
Mentor, Big Brother Big Sister
Crop Swap NZ

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