Driven by a Vision of a Better World for All

Profile photo of Cat, Medicine Woman"No one gets left behind." 
These words ring loudly in my ears as truth and as such it is an arrow I am committed to follow. 

Ever since a child I was aware that the world was not rolling out as it had the potential to.  I could feel the subtle and not so subtle disharmony and this knocked me around a fair bit as a child.  Knowing things were not right translated into an adult journey of personal discovery and transformation in order to learn how to operate above the stress frequency and plug into the bigger picture of things. I knew I had a role to play in setting things straight and that I required many inner and outer resources to truly assist others and the world that I loved. 

Due to my passion for the relationship between people and the environment I studied for a Bachelor of Regional Planning and ended up working in local authority. I enjoyed being a planner for many years, until suddenly I didn't.  Between the politics and all the rules I was required to enforce - many of them 'natural laws' that I knew we all should know in our heart - I was done.  I had recently begun working with a naturopath to improve my energy levels and had become aware that naturopathy was the next chapter for me. Instinctively I knew that people who enjoyed true holistic wellbeing naturally treated themselves, other people and the land well. My journey into human health and spiritual transformation had begun.   

Over the years many a client has heard me say that we are not designed to be chronically stressed-out or feel disconnected from life around us.  To the contrary we are a growth orientated species, instinctually reaching for higher rungs on the evolutionary ladder.  We are ultimately heart-wired to have both a healthy relationship with self as well as a genuine care and concern for our global family and this stunning planet we call home.  Although the modern day has a variety of subtle and not so subtle factors that can make it difficult to live this true blueprint - once you remember this version of things, it becomes a one-way road.

Many years ago I received the vision and understanding of the global importance of Aotearoa New Zealand as a leader and country of 'firsts'.  We were the first country to give women the vote.  Our explorers led the way to the moon and the heights of the Himalaya and our sporting prowess is hard to dispute.  We are the first country to see the dawn of each new day and we once had the world's largest birds, the moa and the haast eagle. There is a unique healing energy that runs through this land and our little known ancient history is as a multi-cultural people of peace.  New Zealand is sometimes referred to as God's Own and there is a responsibility that comes with this title.  We are way-showers and at this time of enormous turning, what we do or don't do impacts the rest of the world in both obvious and subtle ways.   

While we have achieved many great things, there are many areas at the everyday level where we are not yet punching our true weight.  The health and wellbeing statistics across our communities are not flash and these will only change in a positive way when we reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals to treat chronic health issues and increase our use of natural medicine.  At the societal level, access to good food, responsible education and housing for all people is essential to our creating a new country and world.  No one must be left behind, including the environment. New levels of cooperation, creativity and redistribution of power will bode us well going forward, along with the Kiwi can-do attitude.  Real change is not a comfortable thing, but it is exactly where the point of power now lies.  

My belief in you, our people, this land and the capacity for real change to how we are doing things is why I do this work.  We need to feel empowered as the individuals that we are and as a country must keep rising from the grass-roots up as well as reforming from the hierarchial-top down.  We can do this.  

Tihei mauri ora!  


Registered Natural Medicines Practitioner, NHPNZ
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner
Diploma of Naturopathy
Diploma of Native Plant Essences of New Zealand.
Certificates of Healers, Shamanic and Advanced Shamanic Studies
Bachelor of Regional Planning, Honours

Current community Involvements:
Mentor, Big Brother Big Sister
Voluntary Support Worker, Taranaki Retreat
Toastmasters International

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