Healing the Life

Kia ora and welcome to The Medicine Woman.    

We are living in a very challenging and extra-ordinary time, a transitional time of World Ages.  All that no longer serves us personally and collectively is becoming apparent to create the choice for a new, higher version of life to emerge.    

The Aquarian Age is a vibrational age and a nature based age and as part of this new Age we are to become increasingly aware of our human-spirit nature.  As part of achieving and maintaining physical health, the health and wellbeing of our emotions, thoughts and spirit is where much of our potentials lie.  There are many parameters, such as powerful viruses, that will make it tricky to achieve the empowered and creative potentials of this Age but we absolutely can do it - together!  To achieve the vitality and meaningful life that is our birth right, we need to be discerning and steadfast in our efforts to take good care of ourselves and to move forward, step by step. 

I am an Aquarian Age specialist practitioner and mentor and my role is to assist people to find their feet more quickly through understanding the nature of things now.  I am a naturopath-herbalist and healer-shaman which means I am equally versed in the physical world and the human body and in the subtle world of the emotions, mind and spirit.  Our spirit exists at a higher frequency to our personality's mind and emotions and raising our spiritual energy is essential to clearly navigate challenges and opportunities of this time.   

The Medicine Woman service may well be for you if you are:
Undergoing change or challenge in a relationship 
Wanting to understand your true self more clearly  
Experiencing a frightening, complex or puzzling physical health issue
Terminally ill

The Aquarian Age is a transformative Age.  The challenges will be matched equally by extraordinary healing and creative opportunities.  With a willing spirit and an open mind, anything is possible.  May you find your good medicine in these pages and beyond. 

Arohanui, Cat

Cathryn A. Neale
Founder | Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner, NHPNZ