The New Healing Paradigm

The nature of health care has recently changed. 

We entered the Aquarian Age in 1999 where we stay for the next 2000 years.  The preceding Piscean Age was a faith based age.  White collar authorities made decisions on our behalf and there was a focus on the physical body and its health.   The Aquarian Age in contrast is an information age with a focus on personal responsibility. We are to be intimately involved in decisions about our health now and our focus is to extend beyond the physical to include the health of our mind, emotions and spirit.   Saturn and Uranus are the planetary co-rulers of this Age which indicates that nature and vibrational modalities will increasingly become the healing choice of the day.  Whilst retaining the best of the previous age, we must now grow into the aquarian way of doing things!

Due to the habits of a lifetime it can be tricky to gain traction at the beginning of an age but the quicker we do so the easier life is.  I am a specialist Aquarian Age practitioner assisting people to find their feet more quickly through understanding the nature of things now. I wear many hats.  You may relate to me as a naturopath, a herbalist or a healer.  I also work with medical and soul astrology, my meta-physical senses and the world of spirit.  I am a spokesperson for Mother Nature.  She has gentle, intelligent and effective plant medicines in a large percentage of her kingdom.  It is her destiny to support humanity back to positive health and wellbeing during this modern Age.    

Nature’s medicines are full of goodness and we humans come with plenty of healing goodness of our own!  My labour of love is connecting the healing powers of plants with the healing powers of people which enables me to mix natural remedies specific to each individual's needs.  Vibrational plant medicines make up the cornerstone of The Medicine Woman holistic dispensary.  Vibrational essences are very aquarian and are game changers for us going forward. 

This is a transformative Age and its challenges are matched equally by extraordinary healing and creative opportunities.  With a willing spirit and an open mind, anything is possible!  May you find your good medicine in these pages and beyond. 

Arohanui, Cat

Cathryn A. Neale
Founder | Naturopath & First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner