Our New Humanity & The Birth of a New World

Haere mai, a warm welcome to The Medicine Woman. It is great to have you here.

How are you? How's your health and sense of wellbeing? Are you in a stressful situation or concerned at the state of the world? Do you wish for a more comfortable body or a more meaningful life?

For sure, we are living in a complex time and our mind, heart and body are under the pump like never before. The pressure is on whether we like it or not and it's important to know how to leverage the pressure in order to use it to create a life that resonates more strongly. If mining the gold from the hard rock sounds good to you then you're in the right place for this is what I do as a medicine woman.

New Potentials for All

We are living in a time of radical healing. That which isn't stable within our body, mind, soul and society is becoming increasingly obvious in order to get our attention so that we can instigate positive change.

At the turn of the 21st century we entered the Age of Aquarius, heralding a time of great change. All that isn't build on firm ground is falling away, making way for new levels of awareness and creativity and the potentials and solutions that come with these. It is time for us to think, feel and do differently now. Our new life is to be built on firm ground and principles that authentically serve not only our own life but that of others including this beautiful planet on which we live.

Keywords for the Aquarian Age that will guide us forward, include:

Nature ~ the return to the land including greater use of plant-based medicines

Individuality ~ the celebration and acknowledgement of our own and others uniqueness

Self-responsibility ~ the ability to take charge of our own life because it simply makes more sense to

Vibration ~ understanding that everything is energy including ourselves and the ability to think from a higher wavelength.

I am an Aquarian Age specialist and assisting my clients to understand the nature and potentials of this time is what I do. The better we understand the drivers of the Aquarius Age, the quicker we can relax and enjoy directing the new life.

Two levels of service are offered here at The Medicine Woman:

Holistic Naturopathy ~ supporting improved health and wellbeing for all ages and chronic issues. Available New Zealand wide.

Soul Mentorships ~ for those committed to increasing their resilience, self-awareness and effectiveness in the world. Available world wide.

So fellow traveller ... this is quite the time we are living in! Fortunately our human-spirit design means we are growth orientated beings and never given more than we can handle. Know that you can make good from whatever comes your way right now and live a meaningful life that is your birth-right. If you would like my assistance to help you mine the gold and stand firmly and enjoyably on your two feet, I would love to help.

May you find your good medicine in these pages and beyond.


Cathryn A. Neale
Founder | The Medicine Woman