Healing the Life

Kia ora and welcome to The Medicine Woman.    

We are living in extra-ordinary times.  Never before has life been so complex and this complexity is showing up in many ways including as lowered health and wellbeing.  To make this modern day work for us we need to be grounded in some long held traditions while at the same time stretch ourselves into new and innovative ways of thinking and doing.  We can each learn how to navigate this time in an empowered fashion.     

We recently entered a new world age.  As part of this new time we are to become increasingly aware of our human-spirit nature as we are both.  In order to achieve and maintain good physical health, we must recognise and support the health of our emotions, mind and spirit for they are profoundly related.  There are many parameters such as the viruses that will make it tricky to achieve the empowered and health-full potentials of this age unless we embrace this whole picture.  We will see increasing evidence of humanity returning to nature for answers.  As part of this, the best of medical and natural/holistic medicine as the complements that they are will help address un-ease and disease.    

My role is to assist people to find their feet more quickly through understanding the nature of things now.  I am a naturopath-herbalist and spiritual therapist and am equally versed in the physical world/body and the emotions, mind and spirit.      

The Medicine Woman service may well be for you if you are:
Experiencing low energy or are wanting to build your natural immunity
Experiencing a frightening, complex or puzzling health or life issue, including terminal illness
Undergoing a significant life or relationship change or challenge

Wanting to strengthen or lift your spirit

This is a transformative time and the challenges will be matched equally by extraordinary healing and creative opportunities.  With a willing spirit and an open mind, anything is possible.  May you find your good medicine in these pages and beyond. 

Arohanui, Cat

Cathryn A. Neale
Founder | Registered Natural Medicine Practitioner, NHPNZ