Un-stress | Change Gear | Enhance Health

Calling Kiwi leaders and aspiring Kiwis.

Are you a boss, team leader, business owner or change agent in Aotearoa New Zealand? Are you an individual aspiring to a more meaningful and healthier life? Are you wanting to change gears, feel more connected, less stressed and or improve your health so that you can life with more clarity? If you've answered yes - welcome - you're in the right place!

It is easy to get lost in or knocked around by this fast paced and complex world and it is essential to develop our capacity for holistic resilience so that we are able to stay on track. Our best plan to achieving this is to keep growing our self-awareness, anchor into our strengths and be able to let go of out-dated beliefs, attitudes, conditionings and behaviours that get in our way. Being on a mission to help change the quality of life does not have to come at a personal cost and it is important that it doesn't. Our heart need not feel heavy, nor our shoulders weighed down. Our challenge and opportunity at this time in history is to walk lightly amongst the heavy stuff and to do this we require an inner shift that is essentially holistic or spiritual in nature.

As we know, the planet and many people are being left behind in the name of progress - and we must correct our course. It is fantastic that authentic change is already well underway but there is much more to be done. One of my roles at this time is to assist people to be at their holistic best so that they can function effectively and efficiently - in order to bring their skills and talents into the world in a clear and enduring way.

The Medicine Woman WHAT is all about supporting you to:

~ increase your capacity for emotional balance, mental clarity and higher self-awareness;

~ enjoy a body that is healthier and more comfortable to live in;

~ have energy available at the end of the day to invest in your personal people, places and interests;

~ stay true to your uniqueness and the value you bring through learning how to be resilient when around others;

~ successfully move through your challenges so that you are more empowered, healed and whole for having had the experience;

You are an important participant in this new world and I sincerely thank you for being here. It is going to take a true team effort that is for sure. Let's do this!

With respect and aroha.

Cathryn A. Neale
Founder | The Medicine Woman