Soul Mentorship 6 Months
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Soul Mentorship 6 Months

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KORU speaks  :::  As my primary and secondary koru each unfold, I experience myself more fully so that I can bring more to each day.   

This package allows us to work together under the structure of 6 months.  It is most suited to someone who has several things going on - such as a stressful situation or career challenge and your physical health may be impacted.  Alternatively six months may simply ring true for you as a perfect time frame to commit to your journey.

Each month this package includes:
- a 60 minute appointment - in person (New Plymouth) or via zoom or video call.
- 1-2 personalised First Light®️native flower essence remedies
- a reflection card to support your focus
- parcel couriered to your door if you are not local.

The value of growing the presence of the soul is that the ego becomes increasingly 'in check'.  Without the ego ruling the roost, our true self gets to express.  Our soul is innately curious and creative.  Whereas the ego feels inferior or superior and takes things personally, the soul is objective and feels more whole as a result of the past.  Relationships significantly improve under the soul energy because we are more present and conscious, creative solutions to our challenges become evident and there is a general sense of life being inspired and on track.  What we do with this increase in soul energy is up to each individual.  Some invest it in their home and private life and others take it into their career to heightened the effectiveness of their service.    

If you are having some kind of crisis, have lost your self in the roles you play, are in the middle of a major change or are simply no longer finding your life fulfilling - these are reknown 'soul times' when healing or taking things to a new level are most possible for the soul. Your most important relationship is the one that you have with your soul.  It is your orientation to north.  Healing the split between the ego and the soul is paramount to feeling truly fulfilled and it is during the Aquarian Age that we have the ability to heal this relationship like never before.

View the Soul Mentorship page for expanded details. 

What others are saying …

“Cat is amazing.  I have been seeing her for three years and it's a special part of my trips to New Plymouth.  I am even trying to recruit my Auckland friends to come on road trips for visits to see her!"
Kara Sweney, Yoga Ground Grey Lynn

“I have been attending Cat’s clinic for a number of years now.  The range of treatments and health/wellness processes that she has available means that wellness across the whole board is always available and that to me is invaluable.  Cat herself is an absolute angel and her wisdom and advice and capacity to listen and nut out the real issues has proved invaluable many times.”
Mike Cole, Director

"Cat weaves a magical blend of love, support, deep knowledge and intuitive understanding into her sessions that leaves you wearing a beautiful invisible cloak of healing and growth."
Donna Spurway

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