The plant medicines at your service

One of the qualifying aspects of the Aquarian Age is that we must go beyond the physical body to address and support our mental, emotional and spiritual layers as well.  The dispensary here at The Medicine Woman stocks plant medicines that address both sides of our human-being nature.    
The green or plant medicines are needed in the world more than ever before. Packaged intelligently by nature, they assist us to achieve greater levels of physical health and inner wellbeing.  A specialty at The Medicine Woman is personalised remedies to get to the heart of things. 


Herbal Extracts
An extensive range of western, eastern and native herbs in an alcohol base.  Herbal extracts are a physical plant medicine and they provide medical strength support for the physical body and health.  They are taken as mls in a little water and are dispensed according to compatibility with any pharmaceutical drugs being taken.

Potentised vibrational herbs that are similar to homeopathics.  This range of western, eastern and native herbs support physical and emotional health.  Conveniently taken as drops into a bottle or glass of water, they are suitable for everybody and are the natural go-to for babies, children and some adults due to the very mild taste.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®
Sacred plant vibrations from Aotearoa New Zealand.  These essences are the corner stone of the dispensary as they are totally aligned to the holistic healing potentials of the Aquarian Age.  They help to restore the flow of energy through the body, mind and soul and can be liken to a tuning fork assisting us to see, hear, think and do with greater clarity.  These unique flower essences have been a crucial factor in my own journey and have been a game changer in the lives of my clients.  There are a total of 185 essences and the higher end of this range are an important component of the Soul Mentorship work as they help to build the soul and spiritual quotient.  An authentic modality for all.