The Place & Power of Herbal Medicine

One of the most effective ways to enhance health is through nature's medicines. The value of herbs and other plant medicines is that the body recognises them as kin and therefore they do not have the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. They are a natural fit for us, each herb providing a unique signature of nutrients, phyto-chemicals and energy.  They help to restore the functionality of the body-mind as well as reducing symptoms.  While plant-based medicine has been utilised since the beginning of time, now that we live in a particularly complex world our need for this nurturing support has reached a whole new level.

The Medicine Woman Dispensary stocks a wide range and different preparations of healing plants and herbs to support true holistic health.  Half of the dispensary targets physical health and the other half the health of the mind, emotions and spirit. We specialise in creating personalised remedies to achieve healing precision for each individual.    

Herbal Extracts
An extensive range of western, eastern and native herbs in an alcohol base.  Herbal extracts provide medical strength support for physical health.  They are taken as mls in a little water and are dispensed according to any pharmaceutical drugs being taken.   

Potentised vibrational herbs that are similar to homeopathics.  This range of western, eastern and native herbs support physical and emotional health.  Taken as drops into a bottle or glasses of water.  They are suitable for everybody and are the natural go-to for babies, children and fussy adults (; due to the very mild taste. 

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®
These native flower and plant essences hold a very special place in the dispensary and are totally aligned to the holistic healing potentials of the Aquarian Age.  Liken to a tuning fork, they positively affect the resonance of the mind, emotions and spirit to assist a greater sense of wellbeing.  The higher end of this range of essences are an important component of the Soul Mentorship service as they help to build the soul quotient.  A gentle, authentic modality for all.  

Therapeutic Herbal Teas
The Medicine Woman range of herbal tea blends is an enjoyable way to incorporate herbal therapy into everyday life.