The Awakening of the Soul

Soul Mentorship is an advanced service for those committed to growing the presence and resilience of the soul or true self.  The soul is the aspect within our holistic makeup that is service-orientated and wanting to make a positive contribution in the world. If you are an individual who wants to be living with more awareness in your personal life, or you are out in the community as a decision-maker, leader, entrepreneur or change agent, this service is designed for you.  

Imagine a beautiful seedling on the inspirational journey of growth towards the sun.  The more this seedling reaches for the sun, the more developed, complex and beautiful is its form as it eventually grows into a mature tree with the flowers and fruit this brings.  Our soul can be likened to the seedling.  It is all about growth and skill-acquisition, wanting to extract as much 'food' as it can from life's challenges and opportunities as part of remembering itself.  The soul's single focus is to return to wholeness, represented by the Sun.  It is an upward journey that brings many rewards including carving out a niche for the expression of its unique gifts and service.  The soul exists at a higher frequency than the personal ego and as such lives beyond the frequency of stress.  For this reason as we grow the soul quotient within us - which is our consciousness - the grip of the ego and therefore our stress levels naturally fall.  

I bring to the table twenty years as a medicine woman and soul mentor.  My objectivity, metaphysical senses and intuition are highly developed which is necessary for me to effectively support the soul journey of another.  Karma drama is associated with the soul and along with other disempowering patterns including an anxious or busy mind, the soul can feel stuck or blocked in its expression.  Being able to see beyond surface appearances of situations and people and learning how to productively direct energy including ones emotional and mental energy are skills the soul must learn or remember.  I 'walk the talk' in terms of soul transformation as it has been a major focus of my own life.  I therefore bring empathy and a great deal of personal experience to help others development the soul quotient within themselves. 

There are authentic times in life when the soul is primed for growth and these are particularly useful times to lean into.  Times of significant stress or change such as a rocky patch in a relationship, divorce, career confusion, loss or challenge, a significant health issue and the menopause are all such moments.  Do these times well and the rest takes care of itself.  

Conscious individuals, leaders and entrepreneurs are very much needed in the world right now as we must bring the state of presence and heart to the issues and challenges we have around us. The soul mentorship service is for adults and teenagers who are wanting to increase their soul/self-awareness and resilience so that they can increasingly bring their skills and talents into the world in a clear and enduring way.  The service is delivered in person (New Plymouth, Aotearoa) and via zoom or video chat. 

The structure of this service is as follows:

- the choice to work together for a three, six or nine month period to tap into the cumultative power of time;

- soul dialogue and reframing of beliefs, attitudes and events to help you shift, change and transform your inner world in order to change your outer world;

- practical and powerful energy psychology techniques to move the energy so that the ego lets go of control and you feel more conscious, connected and on track;

- remembering how to read the signs and work with the quantum nature of the universe;

- 1-2 personalised flower essence remedies each month, to support the rise of your soul energy;

- information drawn from your natal chart to help increase your self-awareness and self-understanding.  This chart is your soul map and it is based on the energies active in the solar system at the time of your birth;

- if physical health issues are part of your picture, the incorporation of naturopathic assessment and guidance.  (herbal remedies are extra)

- a reflection card each month to guide you;

- remedies couriered to your door if you are not local;

Enquiries welcome.   

You can book your package through this link here.