Naturopathy - Adult/Teen
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Naturopathy - Adult/Teen

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This is a 60 minute appointment - in person (New Plymouth) or via Zoom or phone.

According to the needs of yourself or your teen, the appointment may include:
- naturopathic assessment of signs and symptoms
- personalised plant remedies - dispensed as part of the appointment
- health education and life counselling
- dietary guidance and supplement advice
- holistic strategies and techniques to promote longer term health.

A good level of health and wellbeing is the right of everyone although we receive many messages that this is not possible.  Updating beliefs to remember the true capacity of our body and our mind and emotions to heal is an important aspect of my function as a naturopath and holistic therapist.  Getting our health back is not only an empowering journey in itself but it then allows us to live our life authentically engaged with friends and family and with energy to invest in our own passions and creativity.    Natural vitality, a comfortable body, restorative sleep and increased immunity are just some of positives of holistic healthcare.   

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