Essential Health & Wellbeing

Naturopathy recognises the power of the body and mind to rebalance and heal when the correct factors are present.  It is a holistic philosophy and healthcare model that taps into our innate healing design and it seeks to address the cause and symptom at the same time.  Regardless of your health predicament, you have the potential through naturopathy to improve how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

I have been working as a naturopath and holistic therapist for twenty years.  The likes of anxiety, low immunity, hormonal imbalances and chronic dis-ease are at an all-time high now and throwing more pharmaceutical drugs at them is typically not the answer.  The key to returning to positive health and wellbeing in this Age is tapping into the healing power of nature's remedies as often as possible.  In many instances and when professionally directed, this is all that is required to achieve healing. For those who require medical drugs, natural medicines can support general wellbeing, minimise negative side effects and reduce the likelihood of other drugs in the future.

In order to return to and maintain authentic physical health we must recognise and support the state of our mind and emotions, for they are profoundly interlinked.  The relationship between our thoughts, emotions and stress levels and the state of our physical body is part of the awareness shift of the Aquarian Age. The long-held tradition of plant medicines is making a come-back as part of the focus to both reduce stress and improve physical health and resilience long term.  Along with dietary awareness, lifestyle factors and the many other holistic practices available these days, it is not only possible but important for us to get our health back as part of living authentically and creating a better quality future.  

This naturopathic service is for people of all ages to address stress and chronic health symptoms and conditions. It is delivered in person (New Plymouth, Aotearoa) and via zoom or phone.  

According to a person's unique needs the appointment may include:
- naturopathic assessment of signs and symptoms
- personalised plant remedies - dispensed on-site at the time of your appointment
- health education and life counselling
- dietary guidance and supplement advice
- holistic strategies and techniques for longer term health.

Your enquiries are welcome.   

You can book an appointment through this link here.