Essential Health & Wellbeing

I am an Aquarian Age-specialist naturopath which means I place a strong emphasis on vibrational plant medicines to restore the flow of energy through the physical body.  When the energy flows well through our body, the bio-chemical and physical structures of the body improve or restore more quickly than they can otherwise. The value of working in this way is that the increased energy supports not only improved physical function but uplifts the mind and emotions at the same time.  This is holistic healthcare at its best. 

I have been a naturopath and holistic healer for over twenty years now.  Chronic health symptoms and conditions such as anxiety, low immunity, skin issues and hormonal imbalances are at an all-time high and throwing more pharmaceutical drugs at them is no longer working and therefore not the way forward.  One of the keys to returning to positive health and wellbeing during the Age of Aquarius is an increased use of green medicines and other holistic measures.  In many instances this is all that is required to achieve essential health and wellbeing. For those who require pharmaceutical drugs, natural medicines support general wellbeing and can minimise side effects and the likelihood of more drugs in the future. Regardless of your health predicament, you have the potential through naturopathic medicine to improve how you feel.

This service is for people of all ages and addresses the effects of stress and chronic health symptoms and conditions.  The appointment is from the comfort of your personal space via phone, video chat or zoom.  

According to a person's unique needs the appointment may include:
- naturopathic assessment of signs and symptoms
- personalised remedies from The Medicine Woman holistic dispensary
- holistic health education and information
- dietary guidance and supplement advice.

Your enquiries are welcome or you can book an appointment through this link here.