9 Month Package
The Medicine Woman

9 Month Package

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WEAVE speaks  :::  My warp and weft process creates a fabric that is both beautiful and enduring.   

Spread over nine months, this package includes:
9 x 50 minute zoom appointments 
18 x personalised plant-based remedies
9 x 'power card'
Working with your natal chart if you provide your birth details above.

Please view The How page for expanded details. 

What others are saying …

"Cat gave a strong sense of fostering independence rather than codependency.  A very real, honourable "medicine" woman with the wellbeing of others individually "and as a whole" paramount to her vocation."
Brodwyn Wrathall

“Cat is one of those unforgettable people that come into your life.  I would not be writing this today with an abundance of love, gratitude, passion, vitality and fulfilment for life if it were not for the impact her sessions have had on mine and my families lives.  She is a gifted healer, a teacher, a visionary with phenomenal intuitive abilities - and an incredible woman who I am blessed to know.  I hold so much gratitude for her and her skills”
Lorella Doherty

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