a half moon with a blue glow, symbolising the half hour naturopath consultation
The Medicine Woman

Half Hour Appointment

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Half hour appointment 
Information required from new clients:
- Names of medication and/or health supplements    
- Time of birth if known.   

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, 24 hours notice please. 

What others are saying:

“I think Cat is lovely and I felt safe talking to her.  I love my flower essences.”
Elle, 7 years old

“Cat is amazing.  I have been seeing her for three years and it's a special part of my trips to New Plymouth.  I am even trying to recruit my Auckland friends to come on road trips for visits to see her!"
Kara Sweney, Yoga Ground Grey Lynn

“I have been attending Cat’s clinic for a number of years now.  The range of treatments and health/wellness processes that she has available means that wellness across the whole board is always available and that to me is invaluable.  Cat herself is an absolute angel and her wisdom and advice and capacity to listen and nut out the real issues has proved invaluable many times.”
Mike Cole, Director

"Cat weaves a magical blend of love, support, deep knowledge and intuitive understanding into her sessions that leaves you wearing a beautiful invisible cloak of healing and growth."
Donna Spurway

"Cat gave a strong sense of fostering independence rather than codependency.  A very real, honourable "medicine" woman with the wellbeing of others individually "and as a whole" paramount to her vocation."
Brodwyn Wrathall

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