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A few weeks ago the president from a technology company proudly stated that artificial intelligence is about to take over the world.  What an alarming thought!!  Why on earth would we want artificial intelligence to take over from our natural human-spirit intelligence?  Receiving a massage from a robot has no heart or compassion element and is not truly healing. Food made in the laboratory lacks lifeforce that only nature and passionate humans can bring to it.  Take the human factor out of the life in small but increasingly incremental ways and we become robotic ourselves, unable to think for our self, a remote habitual response to life that if we are able to identify it, becomes increasingly uncomfortable at both a physical level and emotional, mental and spiritual level.  

Like most things, it is about discernment and balance. Enjoying a bit of fine wine can enhance the life.  Too much and it can turn the life to chaos.  A bit of AI in the life, great!  It can be a time saver, bring a new skillset to our lives and with some of the extraordinary medical advancements, it can literally save lives.  Too much AI however and you may not even be aware of the consequences.  We know society is increasingly losing its mind based on the high suicide and mental health statistics, as well as the likes of dementia and alzeimhers.  It is fair to say that much of society accepts these illnesses as an unfortunate part of life.  It is not designed to be this way.  There are so many ways we have stopped thinking for ourselves.  Even the reliance on text reminders for our appointments constitutes a reduced mental will.  This is now standard practice but not so many years ago we each took responsibility for recording our own appointments and getting ourselves to them on the right day and hour.  This reliance on reminders is just another seemingly insignificant shift in society that is very symbolic of where things are potentially heading.

The mind is a very big and important subject . We cannot afford to lose our ability or capacity to think for ourselves for if we do our life no longer becomes our own.  We need a healthy intellectual and rational mind to help know how best to achieve things and we need our spiritual intelligence being our intuition, our gut instinct, foresight and higher perspective as our ultimate guidance and discernment system to give us the capacity to live our authentic life, to see the wood for the trees and to remain vigilant to ‘all that sparkles is not gold’.

We want to retain the capacity to truly think for our self in order to:
∙ know why we are here, our life purpose
∙ discern the best medicine, food, friends, lifestyle , job
∙ problem solve
∙  know exactly how we feel about something, which may well differ from our parents, partner or friends. 
∙ respond calmly to any crisis, big or small
∙  retain a clear mind when with a strong minded other
∙  not believe what others say about us.

We absolutely can take our power back if we have lost our mind to some degree or another.  We cannot afford to wait until others (government or otherwise) make mind-stealing things and practices less accessible to us.  A loss of independent thought makes us very impressionable.  It takes awareness and will to recognize that we have less of our natural mind than we used to and to then navigate mind retrieval.  In truth our natural and higher mind is right ‘there’ at our core and in pristine condition but it is hard to access due to the layers of conditioning, defences, mental noise and clutter, low belief systems and mass consciousness impressions.  These layers must be identified in order to allow them to fall away. 

One obvious time that I gave away my mind and discernment was as a teenager.  The guidance counsellor at school said based on my subjects at school I should become a town planner.  I did not have the capacity of independent thought at this time and as I was blank in regards to a direction post-college, I simply went along with this idea. Being a town planner wasn’t a wrong path, but it certainly wasn’t the most direct path as it delayed my training to be a healer which is what I was to realise was what I was born to do. After many years working as a planner, I found I was losing more and more energy.  To think I used to drink several V’s a day to get through! When I realized my true calling as a professional healer I then had to hold my mind around strong willed others.  Not everyone in my life was on board with this career change but it was all part of my rite of passage to learn how to come back into my own mind and will.

Ever since this time, my personal life has been dedicated to identifying the many ‘loses’ of my true mind and retrieving and integrating them back into my core.  I now have the capacity for independent thought which allows me to see things very clearly and to identify truth from non-truth.  I know what has value in my life and what doesn’t.  When we retrieve the clarity of our rational and spiritual minds, our world opens up in ways both meaningful and magical. Synchronicities permeate the life, we develop extra sensory perception and most importantly we have the capacity to know who we truly are and where we are going.  Life becomes lighter and stress-reduced and stress-free.  Challenges still occur but as a result of being connected to the mind’s higher perspective, we are able to calmly navigate through the challenge to the other side.  

If you have a concern around your ability to think for yourself or to redirect your life to one that has more meaning, there are many ways to begin the process of retrieving your clarity.  Do more of what makes your mind and body feel more relaxed.   Perform brain gym exercises.   Get frequently amongst the ‘mental-quietness’ of nature.  Meditate.  Do things that use your creative imagination as this ‘frees up’ important space.  Begin to identify what situations your give your mind away.  There are some wonderful ‘brain’ herbs such as gingko biloba, st john’s wort, bacopa, lemonbalm and many more. 

Much of my work in clinic these days is helping people to think for themselves again in order to achieve their goals.  I act as a bridge to help others connect to their higher wisdom.  I reframe things and share the symbolism of life events to become a therapeutic lever for empowerment in the life.  We now have access to pure plant vibrations which are mixed according to your personal needs to clear your particular patterns of old mental energy and raise the wavelength from which you think.  These totally unique and unprecedented range of flower and plant essences from First Light® New Zealand were the cornerstone to retrieving my own mind and they are a major consciousness shifting modality I use for others seeking mental clarity and empowerment.

That announcement that artificial intelligence is taking over the world may well be an accurate assessment of the situation but I can assure you it is not the higher design of our modern life and we have the choice to either believe and go along with it, or not.  Part of being autonomous in our thoughts is that we don’t feel threatened if other people have differing opinions.  We simply give ourselves permission to focus on what I refer to as our own business and backyard and align our life to what feels right for us and our loved ones.

The irony is that it is very easy to slowly but surely lose your capacity to have truly independent thought and not even notice.  If we don’t turn this tide around we can get and be very lost.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Your thoughts.

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