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Life is all about perspective!  When we hit on an understanding that resonates as a higher more complete truth, there is a sense of peace or surrender in it.  We are living in a time where stress is the common experience and the only way we can escape the negative cycle of stress is to reach for new and more complete perspectives. I often hear myself saying “there are many levels of truth”.  What I mean by this is that what is truth to one aspect of us, is not truth to another part of us. What is true in the eyes of our ego, will not be true to the holistic eye of our soul. 

Inheritance is an interesting subject and there is more to it than meets the eye.  As I watch the unfolding phases of the land claim debate in our country I am always reminded of the importance to step back so that we can truly see the wood for the trees.  There are two threads to our inheritance and only one thread is being outwardly acknowledged.  There is our biological inheritance which relates to tracing our family roots according to our current cultural cloak – the race we were born into.  If I trace my inheritance as a Neale, my roots are Celtic and my ancestors come from the British Isles.  Inheritance is not only limited to this rational tracking of our roots however.  The higher truth is that we have another thread to our inheritance and it is our spiritual inheritance.  This essentially means tracing our past lifetimes on earth.  When we trace our other life-times, this constitutes our spiritual inheritance which is held at the metaphysical level or layer of us and not the biological level.  Given we must experience a wide variety of cultural cloaks as part of our soul’s evolutionary journey back to wholeness, we lose the ability to say with certainty, I am only Celtic, or whatever the case may be.  About 15 years ago when I was driving towards New Plymouth with all my belongings, having never visited here before, I had the profound sense that I was ‘coming home’.  I registered this awareness to the depths of my bones, meaning it was a spiritual memory. I knew without doubt that I remembered the land of Taranaki from another time and I could feel that the land remembered me. 

As we return for life time after life time here on Earth, we get to experience the outcome of our past actions and experiences.  If we were to bake a cake, we would then want to eat of that cake to see if it tastes just right or if we want to alter the recipe a little.  Each time to tweak the cake’s recipe, we are perfecting the cake. This analogy describes the on-going re-evaluation that occurs for us as we come in for new lifetimes.  This is how our soul grows in consciousness in order to return to wholeness.  It gets to revisit its patterns from past lifetimes and sometimes will wear the shoe on the other foot so to speak!  So back to the land claim debate, we have to be very careful as individuals and as a country with the things we set in motion this life time, for we may just have to ‘sample it’ at another time.  While my biology tells me I am Celtic my spiritual memories tell me I am truly multi-cultural.  If I were to debate where I come from on Earth, in truth I would have to say I am global with no one country or race of origin.  We are all multi-coloured in this way and this makes racial based decisions or opinions precarious to say the least!  Even if we are yet to remember our spiritual inheritance with any clarity, this is set to change during the Aquarius Age we are now in.  It is fair to say that humanity has been limited by the dominance of our ‘left hemisphere’ thinking for a long time now and we are now set to develop our right hemisphere.   

I have just come across a wonderful book in my library by a very special New Zealander Barry Brailsford.  In his book ‘Song of the Stone’, he writes on behalf of a group of elders of the higher more complete history of this land, specifically referring to the Waitaha nation.

“Waitaha was a nation, an ancient gathering of many peoples from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  That nation, founded in the ways of peace, was swept aside by invading warrior tribes several hundred years ago.  Yet when it was destroyed, the sacred knowledge it had cradled for fifteen hundred years did not die.  The women who survived carried it into the new tribes.”

I hold the vision of true unity again as depicted by the Waitaha nation, where we are no longer held ransom by the limitations of our physical eyes and ‘left’ mind, you versus me based on colour, size, gender, religious or spiritual persuasion.  The truth is we are both human and spirit and the land belongs to all and to no one at the same time.  We have the choice to get on with being the universal caretakers of Papatuanuku that we truly are.  Who's keen New Zealand?!

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