Medical Astrology

“The child that is born on the sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.
Monday’s child is fair of face
Tuesday’s child is full of grace
Wednesday’s child is full of woe
Thursday’s child has far to go
Friday’s child is loving and giving
and Saturday’s child works hard for its living”

   Unknown author.  Published in St Nicholas’s Magazine, 1873.

Do you get the impression that the author of this poem was born on a Sunday, and his arch rival on a Wednesday!  While this is a narrow minded and religious biased interpretation of the days of the week, there is an astrological truth in that the day of the week we are born does create a particular focus in the life …   

The ancient science of medical astrology is on its way back to assist us to solve the complex health issues of today – physical challenges as well as emotional, mental and spiritual health.  While it is often used to gauge causes of ill health so that treatments can be tailored very specifically, it can equally be used as a tool to help prevent ill health we have experienced in the past, or to avoid health conditions that run in the family.  We are living in an informative and empowering time where the potentials to live a very healthy and fulfilling life is by and large ours to ask and receive.  There is one catch though – if we want a radical shift in our reality, we must approach things in a radical new way.  Medical astrology is one means to this end. 

Medical astrology is a vast subject and science.  One of the more simple aspects I enjoy explaining to clients is how the day of the week they are born determines their ‘constitutional’ endocrine gland.  The endocrine system is a seven gland system that manufactures hormones.  Every system in our body – including the reproductive, digestive and nervous system – depend on an efficient production of hormones to function smoothly.   When we are born we are ‘imprinted’ or ‘impressed’ by the pattern active in the sky at that moment of birth.  This imprint is completely unique, beautiful and highly intricate. One of the many details stamped upon us relates to the energy of the day of the week.  It is therefore no coincidence there are seven days of the week and seven endocrine glands. 

Our constitutional gland provides us with a hormone focus throughout our life and we do best when the gland is healthy.  When looked after, it can be our greatest strength from a health point of view, but more often it tends to be the gland in a person’s life with the most pressure on it.  When it is loaded or under stress it’s function can falter and which can contribute to the development of a variety of health or wellbeing issues.  It is important to note that due to a complex interaction between each of the glands, like members of a sports team, more than one gland is involved in any health condition or symptom.  That said, it’s still useful to know which gland is your constitutional gland.  Ok, let’s get on to the fun bit!  Which day of the week relates to which gland?  Each gland influences parts of the body around it, and I will mention a few associations for each.

Sunday            Thymus                       heart, lungs
Monday           Pituitary                       upper head, eyes
Tuesday          Ovaries/Testes             small intestines, reproductive organs
Wednesday     Pineal                          nervous system, top of the head
Thursday         Pancreas                     liver, stomach
Friday              Thyroid                        throat, lower jaw
Saturday         Adrenals                      bladder, legs              

Anything you do to support your focal gland is like money in the bank from a health point of view.  It will assist you when you need to make a series of withdraws in a short period of time without going into debt, or in the later years when health issues tend to be more prevalent.  I was born on a Friday and loving plant medicine I support my thyroid by taking herbs such as withania and bladderwrack and especially the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.  Apart from herbal medicines and essences, there are other ways too to help keep your gland vitalized such as yoga, specific exercises, acupuncture, spine adjustments, nutrients, certain foods, art therapy, meditation ….  the choice is yours! 

What gems of guidance is written in your stars?!

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