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Who are we really? Human beings have three prime expressions, selves or faces and they are each designed to play an important and specific role in our lives.  When they are each working within their own innate jurisdiction, life unfolds with an inspiration and empowerment that is otherwise missing. 

The first and most relatable self is the EGO or PERSONALITY.  In its rightful role it is the aspect of us that relates to and organizes our linear time and physical space.  It gets us to places on time for events we have organized. This aspect of us is designed to keep us physically safe as it understands the legitimate constraints of the physical world such as fire burns and heights destroy.  When this aspect of self is operating within its authentic mandate, it receives instruction and then acts as the hands or physical manifestor in the life. For this reason, our physical body is part of our personality self.  We know this aspect is out of tune if we are taking things personally or feeling overwhelmed with matters of physicality such as money or what we have to do. 

The next self is that of our SOUL.  The soul resides within and flows through our physical body and personality.  The healthier the physical body the more easily the soul is able to express.  The soul is an aspect of us that is here to learn and grow through soul-specific lessons.  It is wanting to retrieve aspects of itself that it has forgotten or that it is due to integrate this lifetime.  Our soul doesn’t work with linear time but with another measurement called kairos time.  Kairos or soul time is also known as ‘right time’.  It is the time that operates from a higher perspective – our personality can be pushing to make something happen by yesterday, but if that something is a ‘soul important something’ it will only occur when things are ripe for a better or best possible outcome. Our soul when it has the space to be present in our life because our ego has made room for it, is the director and guide for the personality.  This is to the personality’s advantage as our personality only understands what it can physically see, touch and hear and this is very limiting in a world that is full of subtleties and different realities.  Our soul relies on communication and cooperation with the personality to act as its hands.  What a great team effort!

Then there is our SPIRIT self.  Whilst the Soul is a spiritual aspect of us it is not the Spirit self.  The words Spirit and Soul are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.   If our soul is learning, growing, retrieving and integrating, its drive to do this is so that it can eventually merge back with the Spirit self and the state of wholeness.  Our Spirit is that aspect of us that is complete and as such it has a high level of consciousness.  Like the chief executive of an organization our Spirit is all knowing and all seeing and it assists our Soul with its soul challenges and ‘dates with destiny’ to enable it to remember more of who it really is on its journey back to wholeness.  Our Spirit is our inner shaman or the male aspect of our spirit and our Soul is our inner healer or female aspect of our spirituality.  Our Spirit fully understands the ultimate ‘tides of power’ which essentially is how to harness the spiritual power during a life on earth so that life is an empowering experience rather than a struggle.

These three aspects of our holistic makeup exist at different frequencies or octaves.   The personality is readily seen and recognized because it exists at the lowest (and slowest) frequency.  The Soul exists on a higher frequency than the personality and can be easily felt in our life when we are attuned to it.  The Spirit resides at a higher frequency again.  It used to be relatively difficult to work with and tune ourselves into the clear and healthy version of each of these ‘faces’ but this has recently changed.  As of twenty years ago we have the Aquarian World Age to thank for this shift as we have entered a time in human history where we are to expand our understanding of our holistic makeup and actively utilise ‘our team of three’.  This is very good news for our individual evolution as well as a collective of people, because when the personality and soul in particular are out of tune, they create all kinds of restriction and chaos in our life.  It is time for these aspects of self to rise and get in sync so that we can enjoy our earth bound sojourn with a lot more clarity, creativity and lightness!

One of the important things to know about the Aquarian Age is that it is a vibrational age which is precisely why we are set to understand our vibrational (holistic) nature more accurately now.   We are also set to explore vibrational tools and technologies more widely.  From a health and wellbeing perspective my favourite and most trusted vibrational tool for accessing the clarity of our team of three is flower and plant vibrations.  In so many ways, nature holds the key to our future.

Just as our own nature is mulit-tiered there is also a tiered reality in nature.  Different plant species work with the different frequencies of light – whether that be lunar (moon), solar (sun) or stellar (star) light.  There is a direct correlation between these three levels of light, the  three light classifications of plant species and our own three ‘faces’.  Lunar light and lunar plants directly affect our Personality, solar light and solar plants affects our Soul and stellar light and stellar plants affect our Spirit.  Isn’t that great!  Therefore a highly efficient and effective way to attune to our different selves is to work with the plant species that specialise in the light frequency and self you are wanting to focus on.  

In Auckland, New Zealand, Christmas of 1999, the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® were born.  This holistic vibrational modality completely changes the potentials and possibilities for our Personality, Soul and Spirit forever more.  As a result of the work of Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber supported by Tony Wyber and  Dr. Rose Pere, the full healing song of 144 ancient plant species of Hawaikii Tautau, Aotearoa, came into being to speed the transformation of our three selves.  These vibrational flower and plant essences are leading-edge as they are lunar, solar and stellar specific essences so that we can consciously strengthen our holistic makeup.  Although the species that make up these essences are native to New Zealand, the vibration of each plant species resonates with the entire world and so are therapeutic to all who feel drawn to this healing lift from nature.  Simply taken as drops into the mouth, the vibrations of these plant species enter our physical body and through the process of resonance transfer the same frequency and quality within our own energy system is awakened or tuned.  Each of these 144 flower and plant essences have a very specific story and they are matched to the current story of our life whether that be a problematic story or one of aspiration.

This is a photo of Elfshood Orchid (Pterostylia banksia) flowering now on the forest floor of Aotearoa.  It is one of the First Light® stellar plant species and it assists our Spirit to be more present in our life.  Its vibrationary story is Fairy of the Rainbow Bridge which means it enables an energetic connection with the etheric heart centre which is ones spiritual heart – the unconditional ‘one heart’.  First Light® Essence No. 125 Elfshood Orchid can be taken to assist the flow of stellar light through ones makeup to connect more strongly with the true soul self and spiritual dimension.

Cat Neale is a medicine woman and healer.  Trained firstly as a naturopath she has spent many years working with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® in order to transform and integrate her own ‘team of three’.   She owns and operates The Medicine Woman clinic and holistic dispensary where she brings her personal experience and wisdom to the holistic health and wellbeing of others. Cat loves to share the ‘rules of the game’ with others so that they too can walk with a foot in both worlds – the physical and the spiritual. 

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    Love your work…your wisdom and sharing….love love love the essences…thank you for bringing them to us 💚 x

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