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I felt my spirit rise - to the challenge - when I heard of yet another suicide this week.  Beautiful, sensitive people are getting lost in this crazy world, not knowing how to re-orientate themselves to true north, the direction of their innate wisdom and truth.  One day the government will help everyone access holistic medicines and modalities, as the public medical system is neither equipped nor designed to heal a person’s spirit.  Until that day comes though we must be willing to take it on ourselves, the challenge of surviving and even thriving in these unstable times, despite the messages around us to the contrary that this can be so.  

Nature is healing.  We feel so much better when we get in amongst the beauty of a garden or our native bush, the vibrations emitted by the plants rubbing off on us to raise our own personal vibe or energy.   New Zealand is blessed with a large collection of literally light-filled flowers, plants and trees – a characteristic of our plant life that does not exist in the same quality or number in any other ecosystem in the world.  Although the healing vibrations of these special plant species are earthed in Aotearoa, they are not for us alone.  They are for the global family and it is said that their light radiates out from Aotearoa to the rest of the world each day – a healing pulse if you like. When my spirit moved from the news of another life taken, I knew I was required to get a lot more vocal about a healing modality very dear to my heart and which is more readily accessible than most people are currently aware.

Beginning in 1999 the vibrations of these special light filled plant species have been carefully imprinted into special spring water and bottled – using a very sacred process - to create the healing modality known as flower and plant essences.  One of the most assured ways I know to help build light into our emotional and mental matrix that determines how we think and feel, is through these vibrational essences, the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.  From years and years of witnessing client’s experiences, the effect of these essences on people’s quality of life is impressive.  It is not an overnight healing, for good things take time, but those clients who have taken the essences for three months and longer have come into a sense of lightness and empowerment they did not have previously.  Taken easily as drops into the mouth, the reinforcing dynamic of these remedies which are taken three times a day, move us from one place to another gently and incrementally over time.  Not one to meditate in the traditional sense of the word, I take these essences daily and call them my meditation in a bottle!

Your Power Eight
Our birthdate determines what I fondly refer to as our ‘power eight’ - eight energies or qualities that are designed to be the foundations of our personal life.  Seven of them travel with us for our entire life and the eighth one changes each year.  There are 84 possibilities, and it is the unique combination of the eight vibrations per person that contributes to our individuality.  For example, my eight energies are – love, cooperation, sacred space, respect, healing, truth, discernment and (for this year) synchronicity.  These qualities are good medicine for me personally and are the good medicine I bring to others.  When we are clearly tuned in like a radio station to our eight personal energies, our thoughts and feelings are more positive and our foundations strong.  When we are out of tune with these qualities, we fall into varying degrees of pain, stress/anxiety or depression.  All houses need a good foundation to withstand the storms of life.  Knowing our eight qualities is so very important especially during this modern day, and taking our personal ‘power eight’ formula is an excellent way to feel a sense of inner stability, regardless of what is going on around us. 

These remedies fly out my door each week but the majority of people are not yet unaware of them.  So if you or someone you know needs or would like a stronger foundation, these First Light® essences are the genuine thing and well worth considering.  Excellent for teenagers trying to work out who they are and where they fit, for anyone in the midst of change, and most especially for those who feel depressed or anxious. They can be taken by all ages and are absolutely safe to be taken by those on medication including antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. 

The way in which vibrational essences are made makes them highly affordable as they don’t contain any physical plant matter (making them allergy free by the way).  They retail at $25 a bottle and last for a month.  As mentioned, their true worth is experienced when taken over an extended period of time, the formula changing as life unfolds and new aspirations rise.  Your ‘power eight’ constitutional formula is a great place to start and is generally recommended to be taken for two months to stabilise the foundations of the house, and then extend out from there. 

 If you would like to know more feel free to get in contact with me, or you can directly organise your personalised remedy through these links.

Your Power Eight Remedy  (you just need to supply your birthdate)

A Personalised Remedy (simply fill in several text boxes describing what you would like your remedy to address)

A personal consultation (in person (Taranaki) or via skype) to determine your formula. 

We are in times of great change, not just the world around us but inwardly as well.  It is time to shift that which no longer serves us … outdated negative beliefs, perspectives, imprints, attitudes, conditionings, understandings … all can gently die away energetically so that we don’t need to physically die to achieve the release and transformation that is due.  I know we can do this.

Sending much aroha to all those souls who have inspired this piece.

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