Reaching for the Stars

As we go on a healing walkabout to lose weight, overcome a health condition, or to find a new level of peace, universal laws are set in motion to assist us.  We draw to us obvious and enjoyable assistance such as aligning with the right people and information to achieve our goal, but we also subconsciously draw to our attention the bumps or missing rungs on our ladder that if left unattended, will thwart us.  It could be an attitude that we have not been aware of, a random disrespect for money that shows itself, or a new physical ailment.  Because we really are set up in life to succeed in our endeavours, typically these bumps don’t appear until we are making progress.  Imagine if we hit a speed bump before we even put our foot over the start line!  Unfortunately if we react rather than respond to these bumps on our path, the outcome can be interpreted as a failing.  For instance, an unresolved dynamic with someone from our past raises its head and in surprise and alarmed by it we react by dash to the dairy for a packet or two of our favourite biscuits!  The stirring up of old emotions and the failed eating plan weighs heavily on us and our motivation drops and we feel like we are back to square one.  While it is easy to get despondent at this point, with awareness you can use the bump to your advantage for this is the higher intention of it.  Our focus is now being asked to move a little.  While staying mindful of the goal of a lighter body we have the opportunity to take an unplanned detour (think of it as an unscheduled scenic route) to achieve the extra goal of releasing an old experience that has been un- or subconsciously weighing on our mind.  If you can view this as a bonus, an extra opportunity for us, then this awareness will change your whole experience of the bump from an annoyance or failing into that of a speed ramp that catapults you into the air for an even better world view than you anticipated.  This may mean that the focus temporarily changes, but there is wisdom in this and ultimately it will be a win-win if we allow to be so.  This universal law that brings to our attention all that stands in our way of our next goal, really does exist to help steady our ladder.  

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